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Shower Curtain FAQs

Q: What are the choices of designer shower curtains available from Splash Out! and Catherine David Designs?

A: We offer our customers a wide choice of designer shower curtains. Glass clear plastic shower curtains, with or without a design printed on it, plastic opaque shower curtains (which are ECO plastic), translucent soft shower curtains, with or without a design printed on it and a wide range of coloured fabric polyester shower curtains with lead weighted hems and metal eyelets. We now also offer spinnaker fabric shower curtains. Shower curtains made of the delicate (yet super strong) sail cloth used for sailing boat spinnakers.

Q: What is an ECO plastic shower curtain?

A: We have introduced a new plastic which uses new plasticizers which are considered a lot better for the environment. This plastic meets European Community regulations. We will slowly be transferring all the designs over to this new plastic. Currently the first design available is the PURE - with more to follow.

Q: Do your designer shower curtains have shower liners? If they don't, do I need them?

A: Our designer shower curtains do not need liners. The shower curtain itself acts as a waterproof shield. By not having a liner the bulk of the material is reduced. It is easier to maintain and keep clean. 

Q: How do I keep my designer shower curtain clean?

 A: Depending on whether you have chosen a clear plastic shower curtain, an opaque plastic shower curtain or one of our coloured polyester shower curtains there are different methods of caring for your curtain.

Splash-Out! clear plastic designer shower curtains should be rinsed after each shower. Simply rinse the shower curtain using clean water, this removes any soap or shampoo residue.

Splash-Out! opaque plastic designer shower curtains are mould and soap resistant. They can be washed on a gentle wash cycle, using cold water in a front loader washing machine. Front loaders are better as there are no agitator fins to damage the curtains.

Splash-Out! polyester shower curtains can be machine washed on cold to keep them clean and mould free. We would recommend doing them regularly (monthly) to keep them fresh and clean.

Q: Is it possible order a wider shower curtain?

A: Our designer plastic shower curtains come in two widths – 1300mm (52 inches) and 1830mm (72 inches).Should you require a wider shower curtain to suit your needs we can join two shower curtains by welding them together.  A minimal welding fee is added to the cost of the shower curtains.

Our fabric shower curtains can be made-to-measure, any width and any drop. You can contact us here for sample colour swatches and/or a quote if you know the length and the drop you require.

Q: But won’t you see the welded join in the plastic curtains?

A:The welded join is only approximately 2mm wide and falls naturally into the drape of the curtain so it is practically invisible.

Q: Why a designer shower curtain? Isn’t a glass screen more upmarket?

A: Designer shower curtains are an excellent option for most shower/wet area solutions. They reduce the need for constant cleaning using toxic and expensive cleaning liquids. It is also easy to change the look and ambiance of a bathroom by simply changing a curtain.

Splash-Out! designer shower curtains are designed by Catherine David. They are hand-printed in New Zealand. Purchasing a Splash-Out! designer shower curtain you can be assured that you are buying an original and exclusive shower curtain which has been thoughtfully designed and hand made.

Q: Do your plastic designer curtains blow about in the shower?

A: Our designer shower curtains are heavier than most cheaper alternatives and thus do not move about as easily. Some movement is hard to avoid but this can be reduced by increasing the thickness of the curtain. There are many studies around the reason as to why shower curtains move towards the source of water – one of the main explanations has to do with Bernoulli’s principle which states that an increase in velocity results in a decrease in pressure. This theory presumes that the water flowing out of a shower head causes the air through which the water moves to start flowing in the same direction as the water. This movement would be parallel to the plane of the shower curtain. If air is moving across the inside surface of the shower curtain, Bernoulli’s principle says the air pressure there will drop. This would result in a pressure differential between the inside and outside, causing the curtain to move inward. It would be strongest when the gap between the bather and the curtain is smallest – resulting in the curtain trying to wrap you when you get close to it [source: Wikipedia].

Q: But what if I don’t want plastic?

A:We have an excellent alternative to our high quality plastic curtains. Our shower proof polyester curtains are available in a range of colours. They are all lead-weighted with metal eyelets. They can be manufactured to any width and at any drop. We are happy to supply a quote for your special size, made-to-measure shower curtain. We can now also offer you spinnaker fabric shower curtains. The fabric is white with a thread check detail. Another new addition to the range is our new ECO shower curtain.

Q: Why do most of your images show the opaque version of the printed designer shower curtain and not the glass clear designer shower?

A: We show the opaque shower curtain mainly in our product images because the design is more visible. Because the clear shower curtain and bath curtain are 'glass' clear they are highly reflective and thus very difficult to photograph and show the printed design and the shower curtain clearly.

Q: How many eyelets do the made-to-measure shower curtains have?

A: The number of eyelets at the top of the curtain depends on the width of the curtain you choose. If you choose a made-to-measure lead weighted hemmed curtain then the number of eyelets for the hooks will be determined by the width of the curtain eg. a normal wet area corner shower curtain of 3000mm wide x 2000mm drop would have approx. 15 eyelets holes.



Catherine David 2013Catherine David started her product design career with a range of soft furnishings and bed linen. A collection of this range has been archived by the Auckland War Memorial Museum, New Zealand. 



After searching high and low for a simple, unpatterned, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, New Zealand made shower curtain, I thankfully came across your website. 

I’m so happy with my purchase of the eco vinyl shower curtain — it's perfect in every way. Thank you!

Lovely day,
(18 December 2017)



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